The ECI model provides the developer with the opportunity for Hacer Group to work with the design team to underpin and thoroughly understand the project motivators.

The ECI model also provides opportunity to improve the design and build-ability of the project as well as mitigate project risks by bringing expertise and experience to the team early enough to resolve design or other project outcomes.


At Hacer Group, our in-house design, cost-planning and practical team, together with our strong and reliable subcontractor base, will ensure the client get the best value outcome possible during ECI phase of the project.

Hacer Group has a proven track record in providing value add solutions for our clients to maximise outcomes on their projects.


Target Head Office

Mantra Epping Hotel

Footscray Plaza

Burwood Brickworks Shopping Centre

Lancaster Apartments

511 Church Street, Richmond

Cranbourne Park Shopping Centre

Point Cook Shopping Centre

Williams Landing Lot C

Her Majesty’s Apartments

570 Church Street, Richmond

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