At Hacer Group, we are serious about sustainability. From planning and design, through to construction, we’re committed to a sustainable future every step of the way. 


We will work alongside the project’s design team to ensure that the building achieves high standards of sustainable design and construction without diminishing the quality or operation. 


This is done through:  

  • Collaboration with professionals to assist with the integration of sustainability initiatives. 

  • Commissioning and Handover initiatives to ensure the economical operation of building systems. 

  • Tuning and training initiatives post-handover to ensure optimum occupant comfort and energy efficiency throughout the year. 

  • Provide a framework to monitor, measure and report the impact of development construction activities on the environment. 

  • Providing sustainable site accommodation in line with best practice. 

  • Project specific Environmental Management System to be adopted during construction. 

  • Education of project stakeholders to ensure construction practices minimise waste. 

  • Appropriate subcontractors, suppliers and materials are selected to ensure best practice for construction and operation of the building. 

Hacer Group has a history of delivering projects focused on Environmentally Sustainable Design and initiatives. We are an IOS14001 accredited builder and our Environmental Policy ensures that we implement appropriate strategies to ensure that construction activities do not adversely impact upon the environment or human health during construction works. 

Our Experience

At Hacer Group we are proud to not only meet NABERS and Greenstar Ratings but exceed them.  

Living Building Challenge

The LBC comprises of 7 sections, referred to as “Petals”, which can be implemented in part or in full by project owners, with an intention of giving back more to the environment than they take. 


At Hacer Group we have worked towards meeting Petal requirements by installing a waste water treatment plant, connecting in excess 3,000 solar panels (more than 1 megawatt), and design input to the building’s envelope ensure access to fresh air, daylight, and views for future occupants. 


Ultimately, Hacer Group have provided solutions for scenarios not typically undertaken by projects that are not undertaking the Living Building Challenge, in an attempt to achieve this world-first.  

Download our Brochure below for more information about the Living Building Challenge. 


Burwood Brickworks Shopping Centre

570 Church Street, Richmond

Nexus Building F1

Botanicca 3

511 Church Street, Richmond

Nexus Building E

Nexus 10

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