Nightingale Village

10 Duckett Street, Brunswick

Client: Duckett Acquisition Collective Pty Ltd
Architect: Hayball, Clare Cousins Architects, Austin Maynard Architects, Kennedy Nolan, Breathe Architecture, Architecture Architecture
Contract Type: Design & Construct / ECI model
The Nightingale Village is a future precinct on Duckett Street in Brunswick. The Village is a collection of six neighbouring buildings, each designed by a different award-winning architect using the social, environmental and financial sustainability principles of the Nightingale model. These principles will be embedded in every building, and across the street.


While each building has its own investors and is its own financial entity led by the architect, the adjacency of the developments offers up a unique chance to co-operate and align with each other to achieve better outcomes across the site for investors, future residents, retailers and at the street level.


It’s not an urban experiment, but a chance to change the way housing is built on a wider scale and to create smart, deliberate and liveable density. 

The project is due for completion April 2022.